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About us

Our Story

We are a small, but outwardly focused media company specialising in virtual tours and 360 Media, with over 25 years education consultancy and learning support. Our Team of experts are able to discuss digital and immersive learning methods and curriculum and can offer training on digital trends and uses of technology in the classroom.


We are also VLE focused with helping to create online learning and virtual experiences with our clients to train staff and students in all sectors. Businesses with virtual tours on average receive twice the engagement and enquiries versus those that do not have tours. With the era of social and physical distancing, 3D virtual tours are becoming more widespread to help assist in day to day running and protection of customers.

Innovative technology solutions

Technology We Use

Virtual experiences make use of a wide range of equipment. No matter what environment you are looking for,  we have the right tool to suit any situation including…


Once we capture the images and video for you, we can create a range of passive and interactive immersive media experiences to meet your needs. The software solutions that we employ include.



QooCam 8K

VR/AR Development

360 Art and Media

Our studio is your studio

Engagement with the wider community is integral to our mission. Come to us with what you are trying to do and we will help you make it happen. We pride ourselves in making our clients part of the creative process. 

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