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Project #5: COVID Secure Virtual Tour

Covid Secure Virtual Tours

Another service we offer as part of our virtual tour delivery is COVID-19 secure updates and support for Google Business, is to show customers compliance and support for the new COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures to show they are safe and secure while within your premises.

We have completed several venues to enable customer assurance, and to allow for the tour to be added to their site.

We also are street view ready, and these businesses had their tours uploaded and set up on their MyBusiness profiles, and are viewable on Google Maps. We do offer services supporting small companies in their profiles and exposure across the platform, and can provide bespoke tours for other needs, as well as update and modernise street view and internal building tours. We can offer hotspot tours, or 'blue line' tours - these are the continuous lines like the main streetview cars provide.

Hardware/Software Used:

Project Progress:

Planning and Design 100%
Photography 100%
Editing and Cleanup 100%
Post Production 100%
Uploading to Clients 100%
Added to Google Maps and Google Mybusiness updates 100%

Suitable for the following Areas:

en_GBEnglish (UK)