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Highlight Project #2: Educational Field Trip

Educational Field Trips

This project has been designed to prepare and enable students to virtually visit areas of bio-security remotely to understand constraints and risks before entering the placement so there are no issues and the students are aware of the procedures and understand what things look like so things are not a shock when they are there in person. This had the added benefits of reducing risk to livestock, and allowed teaching to continue even through lock-down and with the pandemic. We are fully compliant with any venue or area of bio-security and ensure our equipment and teams follow all stages of cleanliness in taking the tours to protect farms and sensitive areas but allowing students and potential placement learners to experience the areas in a safe and controlled area.

Hardware/Software Used:

Project Progress:

Planning and Design 100%
Photography and Videography 100%
Editing and Cleanup 100%
Post Production 100%
Audio Content Integration 100%
Packaging 100%
Upload to Learning Management System 100%

Suitable for the following Areas:

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