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Project highlight #3: Event Livestreaming & Coverage

Event Livestreams

Our Event Livestreams are cost effective ways of adding an audience in case of venue size or social distancing measures. We take care to ensure minimal interference in the event, as this allows our clients to focus on providing the best event they can.

We take pride in being professional and autonomous at any event we stream/assist with, so you can take pride in our provision.

Hardware/Software Available:

Project Progress:

Planning and Design 100%
Photography and Videography 100%
Editing and Cleanup 100%
Post Production 100%
Branding and Title Cards 100%
Upload to archive/YouTube 100%

We provide several different types of livestreaming services, and often help with A/V for the venue or event as required. We also prefer to adapt the line feeds by XLR input, to allow for the highest quality audio output to the audience watching on the internet.

If you do have any requirements or just wish to discuss your event or needs with us, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Suitable for the following Areas:

en_GBEnglish (UK)