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Project Highlight #4: REsidential Virtual Tour

Residential Virtual Tours

When selling or leasing a property, a virtual tour can help buyers or renters make the right choice with greater assurance. In these busy and constraining times, a virtual tour can be viewed at one's convienience with less hassle and can be supplimented with additional information, images and videos. This ease of use and access to a property make virtual tours a natural choice for anyone in the property market.

Hardware/Software Used:

Project Progress:

Planning and Design 100%
Photography 100%
Editing and Cleanup 100%
Post Production 100%
Uploading to Clients 100%

A screenshot of the finished tour

Project Overview

This residential property was designed for the renters market. The owners were interested in using a 360 virtual tour to grant viewers access to the property while keeping socially distant. Using a virtual tour is a time-saving way to allow multiple parties to view the property simultaneously.

For this project we mapped out the pathways for the virtual tour using the the Qoocam 8K 360 camera. Floor plans were included in the virtual tour to give viewers a greater understanding of the property. A photo gallery shows the property before being occupied, giving potential clients a clearer understanding of the space before enquiring further.

To present an accurate view of how the property looks while occupied, our team was given permission to shoot while the outgoing tennants were still residing in the property. With special consideration for the tennant’s property and privacy, we captured images of each room and hallway, ensuring that any personal effects with obscured in post production. This allowed viewers to focus on the property.


This level of transparency was critical to a quick turnover and minimised  vacancy for the property owner. The virtual tour provided the owners with tools that they needed to promote their property and instilled trust in the viewers before arranging a visit. This resulted in a satisfying experience for the property owner and renters alike.


Suitable for the following Areas:

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