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Project Highlight #1: Virtual Exam Preparation

Virtual Exam PReparation

We have a long partnership with our client Royal Veterinary College to create and support their engagement with moving to a more digital based platform and remote based learning system to enable blended learning.

The next phase of this is to prepare learners for their exams, and to reduce the potential distress and pressure due to the unknown of this exam. We have found having a virtual 'mock' exam allows the student to become experienced in the methodology while providing a targeted approach to allow their confidence to grow, and reduces nerves and anxiety associated in the exam.

Having the exam available at any time is also helpful with remote teaching, and promotes good practice.

Hardware/Software Used:

Project Progress:

Planning and Design 100%
Photography and Videography 100%
Ingestion and Stitching 100%
Post Production 100%
Virtual Tour Creation 100%
Hotspots, interactive content 100%
Video and Audio additions for Exams 100%

Suitable for the following Areas:

en_GBEnglish (UK)